Jan 24, 2014

Why I'm a Fan of Vine

Vine Marketing Is Working

Happy Birthday, Vine! 

Here’s why I’ve learned to love you. 

As a blogger and creator, I made a few Vines but I hadn’t embraced the platform --- until I saw what AquaFina, Marcus Johns, Meagan Cignoli and, of course, Nash Grier, currently the most followed Viner on the platform, are doing.

Now I’m an avid Vine watcher.

Part of the reason is because it’s so quick and easy to laugh, smile and connect with the personalities, and then put my phone down and move onto something else. Another reason is because it fits perfectly into our agency philosophy.

LEAP’s philosophy, “marketing less and mattering more,” is truly captured in the Aquafina campaign.  I smiled when I saw my favorite viners do really dumb things.  Nash got his baby sister (yeah, folks, he’s only 15) to sing a song called “Make it Merry.” And while I had never heard of Aquafina’s new flavored water, I became exposed to the product. 

Two weeks later, I saw another spot by Nash Grier.

Aquafina bottles

The next day, I was in the grocery store and prominently placed on the shelf was the new Aquafina product. While I didn’t buy it, I stopped and looked at the three flavor offerings.  After doing so, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I just did that!” I’m a 30-something professional who ignores most marketing messages.  I’m a DVR-lover who records everything and fast forwards through the commercials.  I’m a Facebooker who has RARELY likes a sponsored message in my news feed. I’ve trained myself to ignore banner ads, and the only time I click on one is by mistake.

It was official. A 15-year-old kid in North Carolina affected my grocery store shopping. And this AquaFina product had captured my attention. 

What it means

Google rakes in more ad dollars than US print mediaContent marketing and product placement are nothing new, but the mediums are.  Increasingly, the younger generations are turning to alterative mediums to connect.  As marketing evolves, AquaFina has taken an approach of “mattering more,” to heart, through Nash.

Nash has delivered millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of likes on sponsored videos.  I follow Nash Grier, but I also became exposed to a new product that I didn’t even realize existed.  I didn’t feel like Nash’s video was a commercial at all…it just kinda made me smile.

Why does it matter?

Let’s face it: digital media is here to stay. With newspapers and magazines ad dollars declining, looking for new places to put those dollars is critical. The issue: we have to matter, because in a marketplace of noise, screaming only makes the younger generation tune us out.  Aquafina mattered. Kudos to them.   

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