May 29, 2014

Aggressive Social Media Strategy To Gain Followers

The Washington Post & NBC’s Today Show recently got curious about why Taye Diggs was following over 35,000 people. The journalist asked the very obvious question: ‘What, exactly, could motivate this kind of profligate Twitter use?” so let me answer it for her: He wants more followers!

Taye Diggs
Organic growth is hard, so brands and influencers hire digital agencies to create strategies to grow faster.  Before Taye Diggs started following 800 people every day, he averaged about 100-300 new followers every day. He started a new strategy on April 8th and since then the average amount of new daily followers is around 600-900.  At his current pace he will hit 500K followers around December. Smart guy with a good social strategy. 

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