Apr 18, 2003

LEAP, Inc. Jumps at the Chance to Renovate Louisville Science Center Website

by: lfi in News

If you find that the words "frog" and "science" conjure up images of an amphibian in a dissection tray, LEAP Inc. and the Louisville Science Center want you to reconsider.

(And they're promising you'll see something that's visually appealing.)

It's coming this summer. It's the Louisville Science Center's new and improved website.

Louisville-based, interactive web agency, LEAP, Inc. was recently selected to design and develop the Science Center's new website.

LEAP's President, Daniel Knapp, said web surfers should expect a bigger, faster Louisville Science Center website. He said the site would also be more interactive and easier to navigate.

"The appeal of the Louisville Science Center is the exciting visuals and interactive displays," said Knapp. "Our mission is to develop a website that captures that same visual and interactive excitement."

Gail Becker, executive director of the Louisville Science Center, said LEAP's creative and enthusiastic approach was the impetus for exploring a new and better website.

"At first, we just wanted to update the site and improve load time," says Becker. "But when we sat down with LEAP and went over our options, it became clear we could make things more exciting for our public and easier for our staff."

When the e-commerce phase is complete, visitors to the Louisville Science Center website will be able to purchase admission tickets and gift shop items online. The Louisville Science Center's new website is expected to go "live" on June 1, 2001. LEAP Inc. began operations in 1998 as a creative, interactive web development agency. The company serves a diversity of clients by providing website design, maintenance, consultation, marketing and search engine registration.

About LEAP
LEAP is a digital agency with an integrated philosophy at its core. LEAP delivers integrated experiences that connect on brand promise and achieves true integration by ensuring brands become a seamless part of the consumer lifestyle, not an interruptive one. LEAP has developed a depth of expertise in the consumer product and retail, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, business-to-business, and fashion and entertainment markets.

LEAP has offices in Louisville and Cincinnati. Find out more at www.leapagency.com.