May 19, 2003

LEAP Launches DMR's New Achieve... Campaign

by: lfi-m in News

Direct Marketing Results (DMR), a Covington, KY-based outsourcing provider of direct marketing solutions for the entertainment industry, selected LEAP, a digital marketing agency, to provide branding, interactive and advertising for the launch of its new advertising campaign. LEAP provided creative services including tagline, identity design, Flash animation, collateral design, copywriting, advertising and illustration.

DMR selected LEAP based on their creative prowess. It is one of the few agencies that understands business-to-business with a highly creative spin. "LEAP consistently provides us with an end product that is professionally refined yet genuinely artistic," says Tripp Eldredge, President and CEO of Direct Marketing Results. "Our goal is to achieve lasting results. And that's exactly what LEAP does."

The new DMR campaign is Achieve..., which focuses on providing strategy and direct marketing services from end-to-end for clients in the radio industry. To launch the new campaign, DMR joined forces with LEAP to develop the strategic marketing plan.

"Tripp Eldredge was very clear about their goals and they had identified a very specific target market," says Ran Mullins, Vice President Branding Strategy for LEAP. "This campaign represented the challenge of developing an off-the-wall creative spin that would catch the target's attention and then implement the message consistently across all media."

The Achieve... campaign leverages DMR's strength of full-service direct marketing by focusing on the most fundamental result sought by all of their prospects. The campaign, with the headline "Achieve...(increased listening)," utilizes illustrations of humorous and morphing human/ear photo illustrations. This message and combined visuals communicates to radio station program directors and general managers that DMR is totally focused on not only achieving the desired results for their clients, but that they understand what it is about the targets that is their most valuable asset — their ears! Mullins felt it was imperative to communicate this without overcomplicating the message.

"Representing DMR's expertise and process-oriented strategy was not the difficult task. Developing a totally unique and creative approach that separates them from their competition was the tough part," Mullins said. "DMR already identifies the target audience. Our job was to go beyond the norm and represent those targets as the ‘ears’ of (increased listening)."

About LEAP
LEAP is a digital agency with an integrated philosophy at its core. LEAP delivers integrated experiences that connect on brand promise and achieves true integration by ensuring brands become a seamless part of the consumer lifestyle, not an interruptive one. LEAP has developed a depth of expertise in the consumer product and retail, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, business-to-business, and fashion and entertainment markets.

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