Nov 18, 2003

LEAP Designs and Launches Website for Studio Vertu

by: lfi-m in News

Studio Vertu, a leading giftware design and manufacturing company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has launched a new website designed by LEAP.

LEAP, a digital agency, developed the website working closely with the Web team at Studio Vertu.

"Studio Vertu's product is truly unique and incredibly beautiful," said Ran Mullins, Vice President Branding Strategy for LEAP. "The quality of their technique, their discriminating aesthetic, and their attention to detail completely differentiates them from their competitors in the giftware industry and makes their website a showpiece."

Mark Schmidt, Studio Vertu's Founder and President, developed what is now their patented "Fresco Tile™." With this development, Studio Vertu began creating murals made with a Fresco look. One of their first clients was The NFL Headquarters in New York City. This mural consists of 396 tiles and is still their largest single mural project.

In the past eight years, Studio Vertu has grown from a very small company with two employees and only about 50 customers to a medium size company with 45 employees and 2,300 active customers in 13 countries worldwide. The collection has expanded to over 125 different sets of coasters, clocks, a variety of framing options, journals, glass plates and murals. They now license images from The Vatican Library Collection, Guy Buffet and Deborah Schenck.

About LEAP
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