Jan 26, 2005

WHAM! BAM! NO MORE SPAM! LEAP's CheckPoint® exterminates SPAM and viruses.

by: lfi in News

LEAP announces the February 1 release of CheckPoint®, a service that eliminates unwanted SPAM and viruses before they reach company networks. CheckPoint® could save local businesses thousands of dollars annually.

Nationally, SPAM and viruses cost businesses $23 billion dollars in 2003 from lost productivity, interruption of services and wasted or damaged resources, according to estimates from Ferris Research and Computer Economics. Economic losses could potentially grow to $75 billion dollars by 2007 if SPAM and viruses are not stopped.

Conventional anti-SPAM and anti-virus programs fail to protect businesses from the problems SPAM and viruses can cause. These programs address the infections after they have entered a company's network. By then it is too late. However, CheckPoint® stands at the perimeter of a corporate network and filters out SPAM and viruses before they ever reach an email user.

LEAP's Vice President of Marketing, B. Todd Bright, says, "We recognize the absolute necessity our clients have to battle the crippling and financially devastating problems that SPAM and viruses cause. Not only will CheckPoint® offer a local solution, but more importantly, it will keep our clients' businesses running smoothly."

CheckPoint® also offers automatic updating. This keeps the program current with the latest invasive techniques of spammers and circulating viruses. Furthermore, CheckPoint® is easy to incorporate into a companies existing network. No hardware or software purchases are required. Once CheckPoint® is activated, it may be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual company.

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