Feb 23, 2006

LEAP Database Programmer Making Name for Himself as Acclaimed Author

by: lfi in News

Dilbert, eat your heart out.

Louisville native Ben Woods is the newest face in what can only be described as workplace fiction, thanks to the release of his new book, "The Developers." The former sports journalist turned humor columnist and web developer could be adding the phrase "acclaimed author" to his resume before too long.

Since the release of his first book, The Developers, Woods, 29, a graduate of Purdue University, has appeared on WHAS Radio and TV, and at Carmichael's bookstore for four straight weekends. A book signing is scheduled for March 11 at A Reader's Corner Bookstore on Breckenridge Lane.

Written over a period of three years, the book tells the story of Matt Severnson, who has assembled a team of hard-working, quasi-geeks to build a revolutionary website for a northern Michigan ity.

The system becomes a big hit despite group members' idiosyncratic traits. Fast food addiction and heated bingo competition distract the team.

Here at LEAP — where Woods works today — we would like to say we're the first to shout from the rooftops about his tome of tech-humor acumen.

But we're not. Read below:

"With the recent Internet chatter that has been surfacing about larger, more powerful Internet companies, the book's message appears to be eerily relevant. This is a must for anyone who really dug 1984 or Brave New World but also likes to surf the net from time to time, preferably with the idea in the back of your head that Big Brother could be watching."

- Katie Richardson, Buzz Magazine, Champaign, Ill.

"The Developers is a startlingly original and somewhat curious debut novel. The earnestness of the writer, the diversity of the characters, the originality of the presentation and the clarity and understatement of the prose combine to make it one of the most surprising releases of 2005. Woods' first book gives reason to expect some kind of masterpiece somewhere down the road."

   - Paul Kopasz, Louisville Eccentric Observer

" ... a novel about a little bit of everything - in the mode of Seinfeld, with a helping of Dilbert on the side."

   - Rebecca Coudret, Evansville Courier & Press

"The Developers is a frank and honest, and truly humorous window into the creative economy. The characters we meet in Woods' novel are the prototypes for the engines of our future. Whether it is the author's imagination or reality, I'm sold. These are people I'd like to know. Or at least people I'd like to have working for me."

   - Randy Smith, Destinations Bookstore, New Albany, Ind.

"Thank you for your kind words and sense of humor. You are a gifted man!"

   - Richard Simmons, Hollywood, Calif.

For more information, visit Ben Woods.com and The Developers' website

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