Sep 27, 2007

LEAP Small Business Growing, Adding Channel Partners

by: lfi in News
Small business website services provider LEAP Small Business is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with several regional businesses as Value-Added Resellers. In addition to a partnership with business service provider InsightBusiness, LEAP Small Business has contracted with several other businesses in the region to add self-serve business website and online marketing plans to their existing service offerings.

The companies who will be adding LEAP Small Business system to provide web services for their customers presently offer business services such as commercial printing, graphic design, and computer networking. For these value-added resellers, the addition of website services and online marketing capabilities was a natural extension of their existing business services.

The agreement with InsightBusiness will allow the business services company to add a website building solution as well as online marketing tools such as pay-per-click advertising and email newsletters to their strong complement of business connectivity, video and hosting services. According to Amy Warren, InsightBusiness director of sales, their customers are excited to begin using the new system, which went live in August. "InsightBusiness is committed to providing the best in business services to our customers. We believe that 'simple is better,' and the LEAP Small Business solution is a simple way for our customers to market their business on the web."

Absolute Networking Systems is a computer networking consulting firm. "Our clients have been inquiring about website services for a long time," said Michael Ross, president and CEO of Absolute Networking Systems. "It's great that we'll now be able to meet that need for our customers, without having to hire additional staff or require our existing employees to learn an entirely new discipline."

Allegra Print & Imaging East is a direct marketing company. "We perform many marketing functions for our clients, including logo design and brand strategy, print and mailing services," said Denise Spalding, president of Allegra Print & Imaging East. "With the LEAP Small Business partnership, we can expand those services into the next logical step."

Baach Creative Services is a communications firm/design studio. "What we really liked about the LEAP Small Business solution was that it allows us to add web services while still maintaining control over the work we present to our clients," said Amy Baach, President. "We can create a quality website, in-house, for our small business clients from start to finish."

Concept Media, Digital Design & Advertising, and Prather Design are three additional businesses who have signed up as Value-Added Resellers with LEAP Small Business.

LEAP Small Business expects continued growth throughout the remainder of 2007, as more and more business service companies respond to the demand for small business web solutions. Their unique system, in which users can build and deploy a professional site, and then promote that site on the web via pay-per-click, email newsletters and a user-friendly e-marketing knowledgebase, gives Value-Added Resellers more power and more control with less effort than other solutions.

"I love working with business service providers that can really benefit from a system like this, which allows them to add high-quality small business web services quickly and simply," said Jay Stewart, Vice President Channel Partners for LEAP Small Business. "We are getting such a positive response to our value-added reseller program at the local and regional level that I am excited to see what happens when we launch our national outreach campaigns."

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