Aug 24, 2011

LEAP Offers Four-Stage Marketing Strategy and Planning Process

by: Emily Van Winkle in News

LOUISVILLE, KY. – August 23, 2011 – LEAP, a full-service digital advertising agency, has completed the first phase of the L.E.A.P. process for INDCO: creating a new ecommerce website. The L.E.A.P. process is a four-stage marketing strategy and planning process.

The first stage of the L.E.A.P. process stands for Listen. The goal of INDCO’s Listen phase was to do the research and planning required to lay the groundwork for a new website. INDCO’s overall L.E.A.P. goal is to create an ecommerce website that is found on search engines, is user-friendly, portrays the benefits of INDCO versus their competitors and generates more sales.

“The Listen phase was great because it gave us the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of INDCO from several different perspectives. We met with a wide variety of people including the President, Internet Marketing Manager, IT Department, Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager, and others to get their opinions on what they wanted their site/marketing efforts to do,” said Melanie Eaton, Senior Account Manager at LEAP.

“This was also a great time to have them align their goals internally and make sure they were all on the same page before moving forward. Also, the Listen phase painted a clear picture of what we needed to be thinking about as we moved into the Engage and Act phases, making the project more efficient,” said Eaton.

The end product of the Listen phase is the strategic digital marketing and technology plan. The first phase of the four-phase process is focused on research and strategy. LEAP works closely with members from different areas of the client’s company to determine the overall brand direction and to create a solid starting point.

The "E" — Engage stage — delivers execution-ready program and project plans. This phase involves the planning and visualization of the campaign, which drives the creative vision, marketing program plans and technology architecture.

The Act stage has two parts: Digital Technology and Marketing. The Digital Technology phase delivers a fully developed web, mobile, social property or app, while the Marketing phase creates a fully deployed media and marketing plan.

The Perform stage produces a performance-tuned property, application program or campaign. Making a full circle, analysis and testing is done on the properties to ensure they contain the information and functionality the end users desire and require for optimal satisfaction.

About LEAP

LEAP is a digital agency with an integrated philosophy. LEAP helps clients engage with customers according to their own individualized relationship with the brand. Agency services include a full spectrum of strategies and executions from brand creation to campaign integration to metrics analysis. With offices in Louisville and Cincinnati, LEAP works with clients from coast to coast, including Sun Tan City, McGraw-Hill, Sutter Home, Tommy Hilfiger, Graco and Texas Roadhouse. For more information, please visit