Jul 25, 2013

LEAP Revealed

by: Sarah Pritts in News

Dan-Knapp Alan R. Gilleo

LEAP is the new name of LeapFrog Interactive. The name LEAP reflects the evolution of an agency that started as a small outpost of digital expertise, but has evolved into a digital-age powerhouse serving brands like Texas Roadhouse, Carnival Cruise Lines, Ampac, and Electronic Verification Systems. 
For details, check out this QA session with LEAP co-founders Daniel Knapp and Alan Gilleo.

Q: Why a new name?

Knapp:  Our “LeapFrog Interactive” name and brand served us well, but, over the years, we didn’t mature the brand as fast as the agency evolved. Candidly, we let our brand fall behind. 

“LEAP” catches us up. It pulls back a curtain to reveal what our agency has become.  Most importantly, it conveys what we do for our clients directly, with more power and simplicity.

We’ve all been working hard to make this rebrand a reality, and we’re excited to unveil the new identity.

Q: So, what is it you do?

Gilleo:  LEAP makes brands easy to find and hard to ignore.

“Easy to find” focuses on the empowered digital-age consumer. They use search, ratings, reviews, and social interaction to evaluate brand differentiators. At LEAP, we work behind the scenes to ensure our clients are powerful players in that digital space.

Knapp:  And, “Hard to ignore” is not about noise, it’s about mattering to the consumer.  We believe brands need to market less and matter more.  It’s this balance in the equation that makes LEAP a unique agency in the marketplace.

Q: In your new way of describing your agency, you call yourself a “digital-age agency”.   What is the significance of that?

Knapp:  Today’s consumer can sit on their couch and be offered 10 similar products, all of which can be at his door the next day. All of these products come guaranteed, look great, and have hundreds of positive reviews.  This leads to mass commoditization, where pricing power erodes as the brand’s product becomes more visible. 

The advertising industry has responded to this by turning up the volume.  The sheer noise in the marketplace has pushed us way beyond “diminishing returns” as we are entering the era of “negative returns.”

Gilleo:  We believe there’s a better, smarter, more effective way to convey a brand’s value to the consumer, tied to meaningful communication and a relentless focus to be relevant.

Q: There are a lot of mid-size agencies out there.  Why does a client choose LEAP?

Gilleo:  Our focus.  We don’t try to be all things to all people.   We were born at the dawn of the digital-age and have grown with it.  As a result, the depth of digital strategy and senior-level experience we place on an account is difficult for larger agencies to match.

We have one of the most experienced, digital leadership teams of any agency and simultaneously one of the youngest.  

Knapp:  (Laughs) Ironically!

Gilleo:  Yeah. We started our careers (sometimes still in college) in this space, and we never left.  We know what we’re good at, and we keep getting better. 

Q: Is there a particular service that exemplifies the unique qualities of this kind of agency?

Knapp:  Good question, but tough to answer, because it’s a philosophy that permeates everything we do. If we had to choose a service as an example though, SEO is a good place to start. 

It marries the big data, deep analytics, algorithm-driven science of search relevance with the highly creative, engaging, “what matters to the customer”-driven brand content.

LEAP is annually ranked as one of the top SEO firms in the country.  Likewise , we are, recipients of our industry’s highest creative honors.  

The mastery of these two disciplines is critical for the digital-age agency.

Q: Is the name change representative of your culture?

Gilleo:  It does not represent our culture…it IS our culture. We leap! Every day we delve into new territory, explore just-launched social channels, and uncover insights into how our clients can better connect with their consumer.  

Knapp:  The digital-age requires constant trial and testing, and a passion for change.  It requires a team that is unafraid to evolve. And, that’s exactly the team we have in Louisville and Cincinnati.

Gilleo:  LEAP is far more than a name, it is what we do.

Q: So what now? What can we expect from your agency in the coming years?

Gilleo:  This brand change allows an opportunity to grow. We can now grow our current client relationships, engage with bigger brands that are looking to place a bigger foothold in their markets, and of course our own agency size.