Sep 03, 2013

Behind-The-Scenes Of LEAPframe’s Debut Music Video

by: Sarah Pritts in News
If you’ve never met our LEAPframe team, you must. They are 100% positive, 100% of the time. They bring vision, energy and connection to every digital film project they direct and produce. From client projects for Cintas and Kroger to nationally recognized music videos, Director, Brandon Faris and Senior Motion Director, Ryan Woolfolk, create an experience in each frame they capture.

For more a behind-the-scenes look at
“The Proof” music video, we interviewed LEAPframe Director, Brandon Faris.

You brought this project to LEAP. What about Dillon Hodges captured your attention?

FARIS: Dillon is not only a great artist; he's become a good friend of mine.  I initially worked with him on a documentary project called Newport | Gangsters, Gamblers, and Girls, where he co-wrote some songs and sang on the soundtrack. I was introduced to him through musical director Mark Evitts. Once I heard him sing, I offered to do a music video for him because I just wanted to be a part of what he was doing.  After filming and releasing "Bullet for a Broken Heart" we discussed shooting a video for the follow up song "The Proof."

So, how did you approach this project differently than you would with other brands?

FARIS: I love working with Dillon because he trusts the process.  Usually he sends me the song and I just soak it in for a few days to really absorb the tone. Then I start putting the images in my head down on paper. Once I have a rough concept, I'm big on collaborating with other creatives and the Creative Department at LEAP was ready to roll. I never like to be too literal with music videos because viewers are smart enough to put the pieces together.

What was your vision for this video?

FARIS: The Proof was supposed to be a "simple" performance music video, but once it got into the hands of the creative department at LEAP it turned into a haunting narrative full of swampy water, lynch mobs, and gun scenes. The video picks up where "Bullet For A Broken Heart" left off.

Break it down for us, what went into the physical shooting of “The Proof”?

FARIS: It was awesome. Over 20 people including crew, locations, and talent shot this almost four-minute video over the course of two 12-hour days. The script had us relocate to three locations, two in Kentucky one in Over-The-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati.

So, what’s next for LEAPframe?

We have a ton of cool projects in the works with clients like Texas Roadhouse and Freestyle. We also are always open to working with new, emerging talents. Our Chief Creative Officer, Alan Gilleo, loves music and jumped all over this opportunity.  So, I think we may see more opportunities like this in the future.