Jan 27, 2014

#makerwear gets the top spot

by: LEAP in News

LEAP trends the new fashion label to #1 in U.S., #3 global

When MakerWear launched on January 19, the rookie fashion label knew it was a long shot.

But what they didn’t know is that, three days later, #makerwear would be trendy and have some crazy numbers to prove it.

LEAP, in collaboration with MakerWear, organized, hosted, and executed a January 22 Twitter party at 9 p.m. to get the word out. And people definitely started buzzing about his upstart, crowd-sourced brand.

How do we know?

  • The Twitter party inspired nearly 7,000 new posts about #makerwear
  • It reached nearly 1.41 million Twitter followers
  • We generated 20+ million global impressions

All in all, #makerwear trended in the U.S. for almost one hour during one of the most popular and peak time slots. It topped the Twitter list for more than 30 minutes, beating out #idolhome (American Idol) and #jerseybreakdown (“Law & Order SVU”). Other #makerwear Twitter party highlights include:

  • #Makerwear began trending at 9:14 p.m. and didn’t fall off the top 10 list until nearly an hour later.
  • The hashtag peaked at #3 on the worldwide list at 9:34 and didn’t drop off the list for almost 30 minutes.

On average, Twitter parties generate three to eight million impressions. Larger events generate 10 to 15 million impressions, and massive wins reach over 20+ million impressions.

Our high-energy #makerwear Twitter party was just one of the first of many MakerWear and LEAP collaborations. We can’t wait to see what this revolutionary apparel line will take on next.

To learn more, connect with Makerwear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. www.makerweardesign.com