Nov 01, 2016

The LEAP Team Expanded in October

by: LEAP in News

October was a busy month for LEAP, LEAPamp and LEAPframe. In addition to publishing the Fall 2016 issue of Logic + Magic, picking up a few new clients, traveling out of the country to shoot a video and launching LEAPamp, we also hired some great, new additions to our teams. And by the way their desks are decorated already, they seem like the perfect fit for our culture.

In both our Cincinnati and Louisville office, we are excited to welcome eight new full-time members and one super talented intern to LEAP, LEAPframe and our sister company, JUMP. Each employee was carefully selected and now benefit our team and the work we do in Louisville or across the Rhine. Each person comes to LEAP with great experience in advertising, client relations, coding, marketing and beyond.

As you know, we do more than just marketing at LEAP. We shoot and publish video, write content, direct projects and report analytics to clients. Each of these new team members are now an integral part in completing projects under each of LEAP’s many hats.

Get to know a bit about our new team members and see how you might be working with them in the near future!


Louisville Office

Keena McCarthy
Title: Assistant Account Manager
Unexpected: Keena is an avid Cubs fan. This has been an exciting year for her.

Scott Tucker
Title: Web Developer Intern
Unexpected: Pre-surgery, Scott used to have six wisdom teeth.

Madi Buckby
Title: Assistant Account Manager
Unexpected: This is her first job out of college!

Allison Ragland
Title: Digital Marketing Analyst
Unexpected: She owns three dogs!

Ember Marr
Title: Director of Accounts
Unexpected: She has met six out of the last seven Kentucky Derby winners.

 Hayli Goode
Title: Assistant Managing Editor
Unexpected: Reported at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia

Cincinnati Office

Archie Helphenstine
Title: Software Developer
Unexpected: This summer, Archie designed and built a pilot loyalty program from scratch for Cedar Fair’s Kings Island location.


Jeff Chambers
Title: Senior Writer
Unexpected: When he’s not writing, Jeff makes tables from reclaimed materials.