Dec 20, 2016

LEAP's 17th Annual Holiday Party

by: Hayli Goode in News

Before presents still unwrapped, cooking to-do’s and family members from out of town tore us apart, the Louisville LEAP team (including JUMP and LEAPamp members) gathered together to celebrate the Christmas cheer. Because getting out of the office is important, Main Event Entertainment in Louisville, Kentucky hosted our 17th annual Christmas party.


The evening started with a buffet (honestly, those Main Event meatballs are something everyone needs to experience) and discussing respective holiday plans in a private room, rented out in the back of the entertainment sanctuary. Next, our team challenged each other in bowling, laser tag, rope walking and arcade games for some healthy, competitive bonding. As you can imagine, our development team practically won everything.

Because the ping pong table in our office doesn’t elicit enough “friendly” competition.


And what is a Christmas party without meeting everyone’s loved ones? The team was able to invite their “better halves” to meet the people their significant other spends the days brainstorming, creating, researching and executing with 40 hours a week.

We’re fortunate for our ability to work hard, and play even harder this year at Main Event. We want to thank their team for accommodating us so well. And for mixing unforgettable drinks.