Aug 25, 2017

We Met New People this Summer

by: Hayli Goode in News

LEAP Group had fun this summer. Between kicking off a new website and not blinding ourselves with the eclipse, we found some time to add a few more talented people to our ever-growing team.

Each new member plays a vital role in each of our studios. From our parent LEAP Group, to LEAP Agency, JUMP and LEAP Amp, each aspect of our business has been positively impacted by our new hires. Meet them:

Margit Fawbush


Title: Director of Client Services

Unexpected: Margit is an avid sailor with a green thumb. As a child of immigrants, she also jokingly describes herself as a “mutt,” – half Hungarian, half German.

Shannon Fuller


Title: JUMP Project Manager

Unexpected: Shannon moved here from Richmond, Virginia! She rides a Vespa, but it hasn’t quite made the move with her yet.

Chris Hawkins

MY FACE_thumb

Title: Senior Project Manager

Unexpected: Loves hip-hop, and has more kids toys than his own kids.

Keith Meyer


Title: Web Developer

Unexpected: He can play seven musical instruments: violin, mandolin, piano, bass, bass guitar, guitar, drums and banjo).

Joseph Newberg


Title: Counsel & Talent Development

Unexpected: The movie “Space Camp” opened in theatres the day he was born. Coincidentally enough, Joe won an outstanding trainee award when he attended Space Camp as a kid. 

David Pagan


Title: Junior Web Developer

Unexpected: David is full of interesting facts. From the ages 4-8, he lived in Bulgaria while his dad was doing missionary work, target shooting was his sport of choice in middle and high school, and he is currently teaching himself scream vocals. And we expect to hear that very soon.

Bryan Patrick Todd


Title: Senior Designer for LEAP Group

Unexpected: Has toured Europe with his rock band. Casual.