Apr 25, 2012

Used Correctly, Public Relations Can Help Brands Avoid Long Lines And Enjoy The Ride.

“Social Media” has given everyone in marketing a fascinating ride, one that’s not over yet. However, those brands that continue as passengers on this ride will simply remain noise in a very loud on-line space. Instead, marketers need to look at getting off the ride and strategically position themselves to manage it. 

LEAP had the wherewithal to take a step sideways and evaluate the social media tactics that were being implemented on behalf on their clients. How could they gain more traction, introduce brands to new audiences and develop deeper loyalties with existing consumers? To answer those questions and others, LEAP added Public Relations to their Media + Marketing Department. 

This addition accomplishes many things, least of which is a more strategic approach to the use of social media as a tactic on any brand campaign. Integrating a more traditional PR approach to client’s digital strategy will provide clients more focused opportunities for engagement. It will introduce new mediums and third parties to share brand messages across targeted outlets. By identifying ways to most effectively reach long-term loyal consumers, LEAP can eliminate non-essential mediums from campaigns. 

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines Public Relations as the “strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” It is LEAP’s goal to help their current clients start to experience a better relationship with their core audience, and develop opportunities to engage new customers in LEAP’s comfort zone - digital space. 

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