Aug 08, 2012

Incorporating Pinterest Into Your Brand’s Strategy

If you’re having a tough time keeping up with all the most influential Social Media outlets, you’re not alone. Hundreds, if not thousands, of brands nationwide are trying to assess which social media outlets are the best to use. The key is to rely on industry experts. They can help shape your overall brand strategy and incorporate social media tactics as appropriate.

Pinterest, launched last year, is the one of the newest and most popular outlets in the social media scene. With more than 11 million users on Pinterest, it has become the fastest growing social media site. With thousands of users signing up every day, Pinterest is becoming a part of many brands’ social media strategies.

The power of Pinterest for brands lies in the opportunity for back links to a specific web site. Business can leverage Pinterest best by having dedicated landing pages behind pin links that will drive track-able traffic to their site(s).

But just like any other social media site, pins should be content your customers want to see so they will stay engaged with your board. So add pictures, visuals from blog posts (with links back to the blog post), and even pictures displaying your behind-the-scenes company culture.

With the surge in use, our internal Media + Marketing team has been blogging like mad on the topic. Our Marketing Specialist, Kara DeLost wrote a blog on Pinterest a few months ago, and Ali Turner, Social Media Specialist, is writing an entire series on the subject.

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