Aug 29, 2012

Kickstarter Is A Great Example Of The “Social” Aspect of Social Media

During the 60’s and 70’s, we saw the greatest shift in family dynamics. Generations no longer resided in the same cities and states. Family members and high school heroes were traversing the globe, making it hard to maintain a sense of community. When Facebook spiraled into our lives with tornadic force, we absorbed it because it offered a simple solution to a growing problem: how to stay connected in this growing world. Facebook re-defined what we now know as the modern community, and now, Kickstarter is building upon that foundation.

Over the past six months, Kickstarter has exploded. Some think that it will change the world. It may not be the first crowd-sourcing platform, but it is becoming the most powerful.

It serves as a funding platform for creative projects, so users and visitors alike can fund and follow creativity. With categories spanning from Food to Technology and Comics to Dance, anyone, anywhere can post their creative dream for funding. With a small investment, YOU could help make a person’s vision come to life. It’s the microloan concept, re-purposed. We love it.

Now, instead of scrimping and saving or pitching your dream to a panel of left-brained investors, people can reach out to other people directly and let their work and vision speak for itself. This is the epitome of good social media. It’s not about numbers or “likes”, it’s about connectivity and community.

For those who are right-brain dominant, the creative process is an exercise in euphoria. The bummer part is that when you enter into creative profession, you don’t always get to let your imagination run wild. There are constraints associated with creative work. Things like budget, client direction, and agency process can often re-direct or re-frame a creative’s original brain-child. That’s why we’re all in-love with and the success our creative friends are discovering on its pages.

Our creative team at LEAP may not have anything posted to Kickstarter yet, but if our “Thought-Starter” board is any indication, it won’t be long.

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