Sep 10, 2012

LEAP Gets Some Creative Website Design Love

Even though we’re a full-service digital agency and not “just” a web design company, we do love it when the creative design of one of our websites gets some love in the industry! Recently, we launched on behalf of our Cincinnati-based client, Dewey’s Pizza. And thus far, people LOVE it!



Dewey's Pizza wanted their website to be simple, organized and in-tune with their culture, bringing their brand online. As any Dewey’s Pizza fan knows, when you step into any one of the 16 regional locations (Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri), you’re guaranteed an amazing experience filled with fun and fabulous food and drink! Our Senior Art Director Jeremy Reiss, and Senior Writer Nathan Dye, worked together to translate that experience and further engagement with loyal consumers and new Dewey's Pizza fans...digitally.



The ‘flavor’ of their amazing pizza and a love of music had to be translated in the redesign to further support their tangible culture and bring their brand identity to the digital space to improve their opportunities for Internet marketing. So Jeremy and Nathan buried themselves in their work (and some tasty Dewey’s Pizzas) and the result was a retro-inspired, hipster take on a very relevant brand.



By simplifying the amount of content that existed, and re-working it to be more digestible and engaging to consumers, LEAP was able to successfully re-launch a new site for Dewey's that will keep their consumers coming back for more.



For more information about the recognition, read our press release.

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