Sep 14, 2012

Dribbble Me This…

Q: What acts like Twitter, operates like Instagram, connects like Facebook?

A:, the relatively new “visual Twitter” for graphic artists.

As a self-proclaimed show and tell for designers, illustrators, interactive developers and other creatives, it’s the perfect place for a “Prospect” to share screenshots of their work, or for a “Scout” to find, follow, or hire designers.

Jeremy Reiss, Senior Art Director at LEAP, uses Dribbble to share both personal and agency work with other design professionals. He appreciates the positive critiques and constructive dialogue generated through this platform. He also finds inspiration in the work of other artists, which drives him to improve his creativity and design skills.

As Reiss will attest, the creative process is very fluid. Having a by-invitation-only community of professional designers provides a way to get quick, useful feedback in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

Clients like Dewey’s Pizza, Dant Clayton and GuardiaCare (still in production) have all benefitted from the creative vision and artistic talents of “J” Reiss and the insights he as gained though Dribbble.

 Visit Jeremy’s Dribbble account, to see for yourself.

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