Dec 21, 2012

LEAP Awards Bad Girl Ventures The Honorary Non-Profit Of The Year

Our inaugural Non-Profit Of The Year (NPOTY) program was a success! So… We've decided to do it again!

The process and outcome were so successful for our first NPOTY, GuardiaCare that we've decided to continue this program. We are thrilled to announce our 2013 pro-bono donation will benefit BAD GIRL VENTURES, headquartered in Cincinnati.

BGV is an educational and micro-finance organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting women entrepreneurs in all the key elements of their business. BGV enables female entrepreneurs to build and sustain well managed, profitable businesses through guidance, education and access to capital.

We've decided to lend our expertise to their brand to help them further solidify themselves as a leader among THE thought-leaders in Ohio.

BGV is no stranger to our team. We've been working with them for over a year, providing not only a space for their Cincinnati classes to be held, but also expert coaches in a number of services including SEO, email, social media and marketing. They are a solid, passionate group who will inspire the masses and certainly embrace change. We're excited to start our work with them January 1, 2013.

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