Jan 04, 2013

The Coolest Baseball Poster Designed by Senior Art Director Jeremy Reiss

Senior Art Directors are used to seeing their creative work passed up for programs and campaigns by clients everyday. And, usually, that work finds a home in the creative’s portfolio where it remains… until today!

Jeremy Reiss, Senior Art Director at LEAP, has been credited with designing “the coolest baseball poster you’ll see today” by Craig Calcaterra with NBC Sports Hardball Talk.


Reiss designed this poster - Diamond Dictionary - over a year ago for a client that ended up passing on the design to follow a different direction. An avid baseball fan and rather talented player, he didn’t want to art to remain a portfolio piece. So, he took a chance and sold the art online. Seems to have been a wise decision, since he is currently moving forward with a third print run.


In fact, the poster is in such high demand that it’s currently on back-order, but will be ready to ship on January 21. 

We know from working with Jeremy that he is the Grand Slam when it comes to creative talent (sorry couldn’t help it). This year alone he has helped LEAP secure over 25 awards for clients like Texas Roadhouse, Dewey’s Pizza and GuardiaCare.

Congratulations Jeremy! We are all very excited about your success!

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