Apr 10, 2013

LEAP Gives ad:tech San Francisco Two of Their Brightest Stars for April Conference

Tuesday, April 9 marked the first day of ad:tech San Fransicso's two day convention, as well as the first time LEAP has participated in a conference of this magnitude. More than two thousand members of the digital marketing industry were in attendance to learn about industry trends, new technologies and changes to old (and new) platforms. 

Brad Geiger, Senior Art Director, and Ali Turner, Social Media Specialist were asked to participate as session speakers.

Geiger participated as a presenter in the session titled "Brands & Agencies: Success Stories For Working Better Together”. The session focused on how the Brand / Agency relationship is one of trust, communication, and respect. Geiger specifically focused on the importance of knowing the expectations for your relationship before embarking on any kind of contract. Like relationships in everyday life, one between brand and agency must be effective in order to ensure longevity. The presentation spanned the stages of a brand / agency relationship. From the pitch to the maintenance and growth, each participating speaker provided insight in what they aw as five distinct stages of this fragile relationship.

Turner lead the session "Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr: How to Build, Maintain and Measure Your Customer Base". She was responsible for painting a picture about the importance of each of these visual social platforms, and how they influence other social media platforms. Each of the five presenters who participated in the session helped support Turner’s thoughts on this visual environment and how to best incorporate the social platforms into your brand’s strategy. Turner launched the presentation by quickly outlining statistics and usability of each platform. She then turned it over to each presenter to help frame best practices and industry case studies specific to these visual forums.

Stay tuned for a blog and access to both session participants’ presentations.

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