Sep 13, 2013

More Ways To Liven Up Your Brand

Recently, LEAP had an opportunity to participate in an article for Direct Marketing News, titled “7 Ways To Liven Up Your Branding.” It was perfect timing! Since LEAP, recently underwent an internal re-brand, sparked by the need to update our own site, we had a lot to say on the subject. The re-design of our site was a fortuitous experience and gave us an opportunity to experiment with the very thing DMN was highlighting – livening up our brand. Here’s an example:

We also pulled some examples of other agencies and / or brands that have done things differently in the digital space. Here are some other thoughts that expand on the article.

Be Unapologetic.
TLC decided to bring “smellivision” to consumers in an innovative and, disturbing way. The struggle to stay relevant for any brand is knowing how to exist everywhere, but not obnoxiously. So, when TLC proposed a scratch-and-sniff mailer, distributed through People and US Weekly, that allowed viewers to smell the appropriate scent when prompted during the season premier of “Honey Boo Boo,” it was the perfect type of disruption the brand needed. 

Honey Boo Boo

Be Relevant, But Not Flat.
Lowes is using Vine to show followers easy, “ah-ha” ways, to manage projects. Instead of using words to describe a DIY project, they have maximized six seconds of video. The hashtag #lowesfixinsix gives tips on everything from wrapping a rubber band around pliers if you need an extra hand to hold the pliers in place; to, using a rubber band to get a stripped screw out of a wall, they are giving their audience what they want in a new and innovative way.

Be Crafty.
Wendy’s launched their newest sandwich, the pretzel bun and bacon-cheeseburger, by taking tweets and creating love songs/videos on Youtube. The concept of taking one platform’s communication message and re-purposing and leveraging it on another platform is incredibly smart. It shows the consumer that the brand is listening and gaining inspiration from their loyal audience. Consumers want to be a part of the brand, that’s why they are engaging within the social space by posting, liking, following, etc. Wendy’s has done their followers (and selves) a huge favor by taking customers words verbatim, and promoting both their product and social channels.

Be Timely.
Oreo’s tweet when the lights went out during the 2013 Superbowl set a new precedent for “timely” posts. Not all brands and agencies can be in the same room, at the same time, at a huge event. However, we can take heed from Oreo’s example and allow the brand to exist in the moment. Instead of developing huge campaigns that take months of planning and execution, develop smaller, timely campaigns that help the brand maintain its voice, but are tied-in to current events. You never know what opportunity may present itself if you give it the chance.

Be Engaging.
Coca-Cola actually bought the domain and whether that or this came first, we don’t know. Coke developed a campaign around the concept of Coke evoking only one response upon tasting it – “ahh.” And then, they created a series of interactive games (more than two dozen), using a multitude of talent. Each game, while not necessarily tied to the concept of “ahh” but always to the Coke brand, is quick, easy, and I dare to say fun. The games don’t prompt you to buy product, or sign up for a newsletter. You can play them ‘til your hearts content. 

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