Jul 23, 2007

Channel-agnostic brand messaging

It seems as though every week there is a new "hottest, fastest growing" channel for reaching customers. Preroll for online video is exploding.  Mobile and short-code marketing is gaining steam fast.  Widgets and advergaming are two more advertising outlets that, for all intents and purposes, didn't exist a few short years ago, but which are now getting line items on company advertising budgets.

So which of these up-and-comers is the real "best channel" for a company's advertising dollars?  Any business that is serious about reaching the ever-more-elusive target audience should probably be investigating and testing a mix of different channels.  The more important question is, "Has our brand message been developed to engage our target audience regardless of the channel it reaches them via?

As more consumers become active in remixing and redistributing corporate communications online through blogging, social networks, and other channels, it becomes crucial to brand the content itself.  A business cannot completely control what users decide to do with their messaging, content and other brand assets online.  What we can control is the quality of the original content.

Similarly, a well-crafted brand message should work equally well, with minimal changes, across multiple channels or media.  While the delivery and execution of the message can (and should!) be honed to make the most of the particular media channel selected, the message itself should always remain consistent and on-brand.

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