Aug 24, 2007

Maximize your mini-site

We're seeing a lot of client interest in developing mini-sites lately, so I thought we could touch on a few things that we've learned can make the most of a mini-site.

Keep it timely.  Mini-sites work best for limited time promotions, such as short-term sales events, contests or sweepstakes.

Keep it short.  It's called a mini-site for a reason--don't give in to the temptation to try and fit "one more thing in."  A main landing page, a page for the legal stuff (terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.), a form page so that folks can either enter the promotion or contact you about it, and perhaps one more page for detailed information or for "follow up" information (for example, a gallery of submissions for a photography contest or a page that lists the winners of a sweepstakes.

Show the way home.  Don't forget to include a way to get to your main site, and make sure it's visually clear.

Pump it up.  A mini-site can have great viral potential.  Be sure to promote it in any social media marketing you participate in.

Be as engaging after the click as before.  Pay attention to the "ancillary creative," the submittal success page and any transactional emails.  Don't abandon the user once he or she has converted with a generic, uninspired "Thanks for your submission" page or email. Mini-sites can be a great way to expand your online marketing presence for big awareness pushes, without the need to redesign or significantly alter your main corporate site.  When well-executed, they can be fast, fun and effective interactive marketing.