Jul 16, 2008

Determining Goals

The one question that most often goes unanswered regarding interactive strategy is also the most obvious, and most important one, What do we want to accomplish?  While it seems like an easy question, brands should invest some real time and thought into the answer.

When determining goals for your interactive marketing strategy, consider the following questions in detail:

  • What are your overall business goals?
  • How does your current Web presence reflect these goals?
  • What metric(s) will determine success for your interactive marketing efforts?

While your brand will likely identify multiple goals for interactive marketing, you should decide upon a primary goal that becomes the benchmark for success.  Unless your business goal is generating ad based revenue, your primary goal is most likely not increasing the number of visitors to your site.  Depending on your current brand positioning and business model, your goal may be increasing brand awareness, identifying brand advocates, increasing online sales, increasing leads, or increasing customer loyalty.

Your secondary goals should be even more specific.   Determine how you want to interact with you audience online.  If there are specific actions that your audience can perform to show the desired interaction, what are those actions?

An accurate understanding of your goals does more than start your strategy off on the right foot; it also provides the benchmark for refinement throughout the execution of that strategy.