Sep 05, 2008

The Power of CSS

I was asked recently what I thought had made the most impact this year on website design. For me, I think the top trend of 2008 so far has been the strong swing from the use of table based coding to full CSS coding for building websites. The increased use of CSS has enabled the creation of designs that can be manipulated quickly and easily over an entire website. Thanks to CSS, web builders now have the ability to switch out an entire design of a website for an entirely new one at a previously unheard of speed.

The true power that CSS can give designers is illustrated by CSS Zen Garden, a website that posts a challenge to its visitors to use its code to create a completely different design for the site. The wide range of user created spins on the website's design featured on CSS Zen Garden provides a perfect set of examples illustrating the diversity that is possible when designers use CSS. From just the set of code used for CSS Zen Garden, over 200 unique websites have been created.

As the popularity of CSS coding takes hold and its use becomes the norm, brands will be able to have their websites keep their content intact while receiving a full design makeover much more rapidly than ever before. Sites may still need to develop fresh content over time but thanks to CSS coding, making these sites look brand new will not be the time-consuming task that it once was.