Jan 30, 2009

If your target audience can't hear it, does your message make a sound?

The Internet is a powerful means to use to connect with a wide audience and deliver an equally wide and varied range of information. However, you need to keep in mind the purpose and target audience of your interactive marketing campaign.

Case in point:

During a widespread power outage following an ice storm, a local radio station here in Louisville referenced news and information related to the blackout. The specific details were not provided on the air. Instead, listeners were told to go to the station's website to access this information that would help them deal with the blackout. You'd think that the referenced information was intended to be made available via mobile Web, but the site was not friendly to cell phones (at least not mine!).

While the increasing popularity of the iPhone and availability of Wi-Max and 3G networks make us more connected than ever, it still should not be assumed that this access is available to everybody. What about the rest of the audience who are listening in on a battery powered radio from their cold, darkened, and electricity-free homes? They certainly couldn't have felt like the radio station cared about them, as this vital information wasn't made available to them.

Sometimes what is left out sends the loudest message of all. This is a truth that apparently is not as self-evident as you might think, but one you should never forget if you want your audience to believe that you really care.


[Post contributed by Emily Carroll]