Apr 24, 2009

Help for Fallen Heroes

by: in LEAP

I'm going to go off the interactive marketing topic today and talk about something a little different.

I'm a fan of the Heroes TV show but it's not like that's been an easy thing to be lately. Heroes has some serious problems with the way the show is trending. Instead of a consistent string of good shows, episodes alternate from being really dry to watch to being really good and reminding me why I liked the show in the first place.

This lurching back and forth is going to lead to the show's ultimate failure. It's sad but true. The show's original group of writers got what made Heroes work. Unfortunately, the writing team changed and the new team doesn't quite get it. Thanks to this new crop of writers presently working on the show, Heroes has lost its way and looks like it's headed for an unhappy end.

As a long-time fan, I don't want to see this happen. So if you are listening out there, Heroes writers, here are some suggestions from a frustrated member of your fan base:

  • Peter Petrelli needs his powers back. He's a major character and a major player in the Heroes world. Give him back his juice.
  • Sylar needs to decide if he's a hero or a villain. Having him struggle to contain his dark side only goes so far. Either he is bad or he isn't. Make a creative choice and run with it.
  • Another character who needs to pick a side is the man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses. The writers need to get him either on the side of the angels or have him embrace the dark side. Again, make a creative decision and go with it.

Just these small changes could give Heroes the spark it needs to level off all the quality lurching it has been suffering from and hopefully restore it to being a show that's reliably enjoyable again.

So Heroes writers, you've saved the cheerleader. Now try saving the show.


[Contributed by Emily Van Winkle]