May 06, 2009

Go Pro When You Need A Website

by: in LEAP

With all the resources out there that can help someone put together a DIY website, it might be tempting to consider having your website built by someone other than a professional, like a freelancer or even your really bright 15-year-old cousin. All these available resources do make it easier to create a decent-looking website. The problem is that while taking this route can give you a website, it won't give you a protected one, and if something goes wrong and there is a security issue, you won't have avenues for support. Security is a serious shortcoming inherent in homemade websites. Someone who puts together an e-commerce site without a thorough knowledge of all the security measures needed to properly lock down the site leaves it (and its customer credit card information) very vulnerable. How vulnerable? A client of mine hired a freelancer to do his e-commerce website. In about 10 minutes, I was able to hack into the site and get all the credit card information stored on it. This was really not good because I am by no means a hacker.

Security has become a much deeper issue for all sites. Hackers can steal your URL, recode your website, start sending out viruses using your website, and steal your identity information. They are very crafty and will have no problem getting whatever they want from and doing whatever they want to an unprotected or improperly protected website.

By having your site professionally created, it will be better able to fend off these attacks. You'll be guaranteed that a team of professionals will be looking out for the best interests of your site. They know the measures needed to keep the hackers from having their way with your site and to help protect all the information you have stored there. I know people who provide freelance services and some of them are very skilled, but even the most gifted freelancer is by necessity a "jack of all trades, master of none." Creating and maintaining a professional design that functions correctly without compromising security requires a variety of skill sets. Here at LEAP, these skill sets encompass the activities of four distinct departments, so how could you possibly expect one person to possess this level of expertise?

For peace of mind about not just the security of your website but also that there will be someone who'll have your back if anything else goes wrong with your site, it's worth the investment to go with a pro when you have your site built. This extra expense will provide you with the benefits you receive when working with professionals. You'll have a group of people with different facets of experience coming together to build a website for you. And because this team has the forethought to think of things that might happen or be needed down the road, you'll have the security of knowing you will receive a site that will be safe and secure and able to benefit you for a long time.