May 22, 2009

LEAP Speed Profiling: Q&As with Amberly Stitzel

by: in LEAP

We recently sat down and chatted with Amberly Stitzel, an interactive marketing manager here at LEAP. As a result, we now know that, among other things, when she's not sleeping in she's watching TV, and she thinks a certain Disney diva's recent cinema magnum opus was "so cute."

What is it you do exactly?: I lead our pay-per-click marketing team.

What's one thing someone needs to know about you to get an idea about who you are?: People should know that I'm very direct. You'll never have to ask me what I think about something because I'll probably tell you and what I tell you won't be a lie. I will speak up when I think it is necessary.

Biggest fear: Honestly, I'm deathly afraid of fire. I could see the smallest fire and lose it. When I was around 13, my mother was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and as she was basting the turkey in the oven, some of it spilled and caught fire. The flames shot up through the vents and caused something that was sitting on top of the oven to catch fire, too. I wasn't sticking around. I was out the door before anyone else even moved.

Favorite word: My second favorite word is "subsidiary." My favorite word is a little content questionable (but still a funny word to say), so we'll go with #2, which I think is just fun to say.

Least favorite word: Vomit

Favorite weekend activity: Sleeping in and catching up on my TV shows.

Ideal job (other than working for LEAP): A singer, probably locally. I don't want to do the whole stardom thing. I'd want to play at bookstores, coffee shops, parties - nothing like the bar scene because that's not me.

What song is guaranteed to make you immediately switch the channel?: I really can't stand anything by Jimmy Buffett.

Favorite breakfast cereal: I like Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries.

What would you like served up for your last meal?: I would want an Italian buffet but it must include fried cheese ravioli, not fried meat ravioli, and a bunch of pastas, bread, and an awesome desert. No, make that four deserts, like banana pudding, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and ice cream.

Last movie you saw you wished you could have gotten your money back for: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. My friends picked it. Hated it. It was not very funny at all.

Favorite website: Facebook and Pandora are my favorite ones.

In the LEAP yearbook, what superlative would you be given?: Most Dependable

What are you obsessed with and why?: I'm obsessed with TV because I like the escape. It's just very entertaining for me. I like the escape from reality, living vicariously through others, and being able to just get away.

What's the one piece of clothing that you refuse to get rid of?: My winter coat could use replacing. The lining is ripped. But it looks great from the outside. I always get compliments on it. So why throw it out if it still looks good?

Favorite sanitized curse word (one you'd use around mom, kids, etc.): I've got a few but I like saying "shenanigans."

If it was legal, name the one celebrity you would like to stalk professionally?: Alanis Morissette

If you had to choose, would you want to have your singing critiqued by Simon Cowell or your dancing by that nutty Italian guy on Dancing with the Stars?: Singing critiqued by Simon Cowell. I actually tried to audition once in St. Louis but didn't get a wrist band.

Do you ever reveal how movies end, and if so, please do so now for a film of your choice?: I doubt anyone reading this will ever want to see this so they won't care if the ending is ruined. Hannah Montana: The Movie: she still gets to be Hannah. And before you say anything, I thought that movie was so cute. Much better that Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, that's for sure.

Please explain the continuing popularity of Bob Saget: I don't understand it because he is a goofus.

Favorite Saturday Morning cartoon of your youth: I really liked Strawberry Shortcake. I had the tricycle and everything.

Favorite non-work work activity: Right now, it's our agency volleyball team. Sand volleyball. It's so much fun. I'm addicted.

What thing that used to be available (a food, a TV show, any product) but now isn't do you wish would come back?: Candy cigarettes

Anything else you'd like to get off your chest?: I recently watched a documentary about the strip-mining they do for coal here in Kentucky and the amount of coal it takes to have a light running for a minute. All this has made me more aware of reducing the amount of energy we use and how all of this affects global warming. I know this makes me sound a bit hippie-ish but my mom was a full-on hippie when she was younger so it's just in my genetic makeup.