Jul 07, 2009

Helping Clients Become More Social

Client curiosity in social media is growing every day. Businesses eager to stay ahead of the curve are getting more and more competitive due in part to an increased focus on the benefits of social media. Many of our clients see their competition integrating social media into their marketing strategies, and they want to be a part of this growing trend. However, they often don't know which channel is right for them.

My role as an account manager involves helping our clients find the answer to this question based on their marketing needs. A solid social media strategy is an excellent way for many businesses to reach their target audience but not all channels are the right fit for all brands.

The three most common channels clients want to know about when they are considering implementing a social media strategy are blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. The most frequently-asked client questions about all three of these include:

  1. What do we do with each of these popular methods?
  2. How do we use them effectively?
  3. What do we blog or tweet about and/or what type of information should we put in front of our audience?

Using our knowledge of the social media landscape and understanding of the client's business goals, LEAP is able to provide a social media strategy recommendation that compliments their overall marketing strategy. Developing an effective social media strategy includes taking the client's target audience demographics, budget, and type of business/industry into consideration.

We take extensive efforts during the strategy development phase to educate clients on the differences between the various forms of social media, including how each are used and the avenues most beneficial based on their industry or product type. It is crucial to let our clients know how social media can benefit them when executed properly and how it can hurt them if it's not used and monitored correctly.

LEAP offers full management of the client's social media campaigns via a dedicated department of individuals who focus solely on social media. Once a client approves a strategy, our social media experts tweet, blog, and make image/content updates to our client's social channels within their corporate messaging guidelines. Social media takes full-time monitoring and must be relevant, fresh, and new all the time. We are dedicated to helping our clients accomplish these goals.

Social media success relies on an understanding not only of the social channels but also of a brand's target audience and the brand itself. Helping a client fit together all of the pieces is what we do and how we make sure our clients are social media butterflies, not social media wallflowers.


[Contributed by Emily Van Winkle]