Sep 17, 2009

Why Should An Agency Manage My PPC?

by: in PPC

There are many benefits that can be had from hiring an agency like LEAP to manage your PPC campaigns. Doing so will give you a leg up on your competition and ultimately better position your business in your industry.

Better Investment of Marketing Budget The first and greatest benefit from working with an agency is to your bottom line thanks to the access you'll have to a number of tools and resources that might cost far too much for your budget to consider purchasing on your own. An agency can afford to invest in these resources because they can be used for a number of clients. This helps justify and offset the cost in a way that might not be possible for a single brand.

Expertise in Your Corner The second benefit you can receive from hiring an agency is the addition of dedicated, experienced resources to your campaigns. An agency also understands how to use these tools and can achieve more conversions for the media budget spent, test multiple landing pages, control bids 24/7, and provide detailed reports in addition to many other benefits. LEAP's PPC specialists have years of experience across multiple search engines, research tools, software systems, and analytics tools. When you hire our agency, you get access to a kind of experience that takes years to hone and perfect.

Quality Client Service The third benefit from working with an agency is that you get a dedicated client services representative for any and all of your campaign questions or updates. LEAP's approach to PPC is to provide the best results but also to communicate these results to our clients so they know the value of our service. Each month, a number of activities take place on our client campaigns, including ad text rotation, keyword research, and landing page testing and optimization. These activities need to be communicated to a client to maintain an open dialog, which is where our client services department comes in. Constant communication is the goal with our clients, and your client services representative ensures that you are informed of the goings on of your various PPC campaigns.