Dec 22, 2009

Connecting Offline and Online Marketing a Must

Consumers are everywhere, and brands can direct their marketing messages to them in a variety of effective ways.  The online marketplace is a great way to reach these consumers but offline efforts, from print ads to signage to TV and radio spots, still can help a brand reach its intended audience.  Whether to use offline or online to reach a brand's intended audience, however, is not an either/or proposition. 

A successful marketing campaign cannot live solely in an offline or online marketing neighborhood. These two marketing venues should not be gated communities. Consumers should be able to connect the marketing dots between a brand's offline and online efforts. Not establishing this marketing integration leaves a brand vulnerable to lost conversions, from lead generation to outright sales. A consumer should be able to move between offline and online marketing. 

For example, any print ads or TV and radio spots should also drive consumers online so they need to include the URL for the brand's website or any microsite set up for a specific campaign. Online content, especially websites, need to enable consumers who might not want to make online purchases to be able to find any of the brand's brick and mortar locations. Properly integrated marketing campaigns will enable consumers to reach from one sphere to another with minimal effort.