Feb 03, 2010

The Integrated Message: Keep It Cohesive and Consistent

Running an integrated marketing program mixing offline and online elements does involve more of an investment of resources than focusing solely on one side or the other.  The overall results of an integrated campaign, however, will be far better thanks to the building of brand awareness among your target audience as well as the added marketing impact that results when online and offline marketing elements are effectively combined. Vital to any effective integrated program are the cohesiveness between the marketing messages being delivered and the understanding that marketing is fundamentally a conversation between a brand and its prospective customer.  It is not one specific marketing campaign or press release.  Rather, it is how the blending and execution of such disciplines convey a message in a synergistic manner at every possible customer touch point. 

It is important for any brand to ensure that it does everything possible to reach consumers with this message at the precise moment when they are the most interested in the brand's value proposition.  This requires the integrated campaign's messaging to always be wherever these consumers are looking.   Consistent messaging is a very important part of an integrated campaign.  Wherever a potential customer sees your message, it should always be the same.  This will involve consistent branding from an ad in a newspaper to the text of an e-mail to the content on your brand's social media site.  The message being delivered needs to be consistent because if consumers are constantly encountering it in these different venues, a message that is not the same across all the marketing channels won't effectively connect with consumers. 

If the message comes across as a bunch of different looks and fonts and feels and meanings, these consumers are just not going to absorb it. Launching an integrated marketing effort enables any brand to spread its reach farther and make more contact with its target consumer base.  Speaking to these consumers in a variety of ways and places won't be effective, however, if the message being delivered is not echoed wherever it is being heard, online or off.  Maintaining consistency and cohesiveness reinforces a brands marketing message and helps make sure its intentions aren't lost on the consumer and the integrated campaign goals are achieved.


[Contributed by Emily Carroll]