Feb 18, 2010

A Quick Recipe for an Effective Blog Post

by: in SEO

Placing a blog on your website is a good way to generate return traffic and engage your consumer audience. Making sure the content you post actually gets the reaction and traffic you want, however, requires a little nuance. It's important to keep a few things in mind as you type up your copy.

Know your audience and understand how to speak to them. You need to have your blog fit the consumers you're targeting.  The language you use, the subject matter you discuss, and the voice you write in all need to be in sync with your target audience. It's important that you don't talk down to them or fly over their heads.You also want to avoid boring them or focusing on a topic in which that they don't have some sort of an investment. For example, you wouldn't want to load up on jargon if you are targeting a more general consumer base.

Stay on message. While whatever the blog discusses or puts forth needs to be in sync with your audience, it also has to be in line with your marketing message and goals. The blog should not run counter to what you are trying to accomplish strategically. Don't sing the praises of lemonade if you are trying to sell milk! With that said, infusing a marketing message into your blog needs to be done subtly - a sales pitch wolf in a blog sheep's clothing will turn off your readers. You need to be sure that the blog's message will lend itself to whatever product or service you offer without feeling forced or out of place.

Have a title that can catch the audience's eye and spark some interest. Although the first sentence of a blog can encourage audience's to continue reading, it's the title that initially catches their eye. So even if you write the perfect blog post - one that fits the interests of your target audience while seamlessly integrating your marketing goals - bland title will leave it unread and ineffective. A good title should be both engaging as well as offering some sense of what will be discussed. It needs to generate the intrigue or curiosity needed to get your audience to start reading, while remaining honest and direct.Don't oversell or make false promises about what the blog will offer. Make your title catchy, not crooked. With each of these added to the mix, you'll be able to post blogs that get read, satisfy the needs of your target audience, and make your marketing staff happy.All in under 500 words or less.


[Contributed by Emily Carroll]