Jul 06, 2010

Taking the Google AdWords Exams

by: in PPC

I just completed both the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and the Search Advertising Advanced Exam.  I passed both parts of these renewal exams and have received my Individually Qualified certificate. The certification exam is more intense than the previous exam and definitely requires a good amount of preparation. Below are a couple of takeaways from the exam:

Study, Study, Study: I really cannot stress this point enough.  I printed out all of the study materials provided by the Learning Center and read through each of them. However, it is more than just reading the text.  It is studying and learning the material.  The Learning Center also has other great resources to fit all learning styles.

Time: Take the time to study, prepare, and take the exam  It needs to be a priority, especially if you perform SEM services.  It took me every bit of the two hours for each exam.  I studied around between 15 to 30 hours combined.  The exam is a commitment and should be treated as such.

Study Material: Although the exam dedicates particular material to each area of exam (Advertising Fundamentals Exam has a section of text, Search Advertising Advance Exam has additional section of text, and so on), I would read through all four of the areas and then study the exam portions you will take.  Repetition can only help you know the material. I wish everyone success on the exam and it is good to know I have gotten it out of the way-- until next year!