Aug 03, 2010

Promoting Your Business with Location Extensions

by: in PPC

In 2010, the paid search world is changing just as fast as the organic search world. Google has made an update to location extensions to allow more functionality with multiple business locations showing up in PPC ads.

Location extensions allow a business owner to attach an address to a paid search campaign. The address is attached either by manually entering your address into your AdWords account or dynamically linking AdWords to your Google Places account. The business location will be delivered within the ad based on the users location or their search terms.

With the new location extension enhancement, you can show multiple business addresses up to four locations for your business within your PPC ad. However, this option is currently only available for those accounts that are dynamically linked to Google Places.

As the location wars wage on, Google is definitely making an impact by improving a companys ability to showcase their locations.