Dec 03, 2010

Marketing at the Speed of Life

We live in an instant society. From instant oatmeal to instant messaging, we are determined to do it quickly with immediate results. Remember when frozen pizza was a time saver? Now, 14-16 minutes at 375 degrees just isn’t fast enough. Technology has changed everything. Sometimes I actually get impatient reheating my coffee for thirty seconds.

With information and communication at our fingertips via Smartphones and computers, patience, in many cases, never has to be exercised. Why wait when you can share right away on Twitter or Facebook? Why wait to buy when you can purchase online now? As consumers, we now have the power of instant connections and are empowered to get what we want, when we want it.

Consumers are truly in control.

Yet, with control comes responsibility. Consumers are cognizant that technology should serve a specific purpose instead of consuming all of our time. They don’t necessarily want their phones or laptops to get in the way of a good conversation at the dinner table. Believe it or not, I’ve even told myself that my email can wait when it comes to kids’ events or family vacations. Sure, I feel naked without my phone, but I understand the value of unplugging to maintain a little balance.

It’s my belief that we will see a shift in our societal attitude toward technology soon. As marketers, we have to be aware that people take time away from their online lives for a little offline peace. If you want to stay visible in this “instant society,” my best advice is to (1) create marketing experiences that are relevant and functional and (2) execute integrated marketing strategies to reach audiences both offline and online.