Jan 21, 2011

So You Need an Interactive Agency Partner...

by: in LEAP

You are in need of an updated website design; you are considering a more robust content management system (CMS), and your search marketing and lead generation results have been uninspiring. Perhaps, you need an experienced interactive agency to review and develop an overall strategy. The time has come to search for the interactive agency that fits your needs.

Here at LEAP, we have been approached by prospective clients in just about every way possible.

To find the agency that truly fits your budget and interactive needs, there is one overriding principle to keep in mind to ensure you choose the right agency:

Always share the range of your budget scope.

Simply put, investing in interactive services is a significant expense. Would you ask a real estate agent to find land for your next plant location, but not tell them your budget?

Not sharing your budget range with responding agencies almost always leads to the client choosing the low-cost provider, basing the decision solely on cost — not on the quality of services provided or efficient delivery.

Are you the low-cost provider in your industry? Why not? Most likely because your talent is better, the quality of your work is better, you have more experience … essentially, you really are better and worth the incremental cost.

If budget scope is known, professional agencies will provide you with their very best effort to deliver on your interactive goals within budget and with the highest possible efficiency. The proposal would be very specific in terms of what can and will be provided within that budget range.

To obtain a true interactive partner, share your budget scope. In turn, receive realistic, spot-on, accurate proposals and ultimately obtain high-quality interactive services that make your interactive strategy sing!

(Contributor: Jack Graff)