Jan 25, 2011

SEO Techniques for B2B Clients

by: in SEO

We often get marketing inquiries for B2B clients. However, rarely does the business owner or marketing director want to add SEO into their digital marketing mix. The reasons behind their reluctance vary. The one we hear most often is our audience does not use the Internet to search for our products.

Rand Fishkin with SEOMoz has a great article regarding SEO techniques for low volume search queries. Many B2B clients fall into this category and, if the below techniques are implemented into an overall strategic SEO plan, then they can expect to see results from this marketing channel.     

  • Repositioning the Product – Instead of speaking to the company or brand. Utilize keyword modifiers to help position the company/brand in a new or slightly different light. Adding the modifiers may place your brand in a new search volume thus creating new marketing opportunities.
  • Compare the Product – If your company or grand is unknown, use well-known brands to help bolster yours. For example, if you are Sheila’s Coffee and you want to increase your search results, writing an article called “Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Sheila’s Coffee can help”.
  • Target the Audience – Typically, SEO is product or brand centric when developing keyword lists. However, understanding how your audience searches and what they are searching, then adding those keywords to your list, can help create new search volume potential.
  • Brand Awareness – Brand keywords drive a lot of traffic to a website. Ensure at every opportunity you are utilizing your brand name to fully capture the traffic.

These same techniques are used offline in traditional marketing channels when a product of brand is not performing well within the marketplace.  Therefore, implementing these techniques should be familiar to the B2B client and easier to persuade the client to engage in them.