Jan 30, 2011

Entertainment & Industry Mash-Ups are Marketing Gold Mines

When I first heard Polaroid enlisted Mother Monster, Lady Gaga, as their creative director I grinned from ear-to-ear. As an avid fan of her music and her fashion, she’s a natural fit for a company looking to modernize and take rebranding to a new level. Yet, I don’t think I fully comprehended the magnitude of this move by Polaroid.

At the CES 2011 event earlier this month, Polaroid debuted Lady Gaga’s Grey Label of digital printing/camera products. Admittedly, I wanted them the minute I saw them, especially the GL20 camera-glasses. Not just because they’re an inspiration from the mind of Gaga but also because it’s a sincerely interesting product. No, they may not be practical for everyday use but to have glasses that you can take pictures with … fashion and functionality. GOLDEN!

Then, earlier this week, Intel announced their new director of creative innovation, Will.i.am. As I sifted through the mound of articles and commentaries on the subject, it became apparent to me that this might be a new wave in brand revitalization. What’s happening here surpasses the idea of celebrity sponsor or endorsement — Gaga and Will.i.am are employees of these companies.

As I discussed with my fellow Marketing + Media team members, we began wagering our own power couplings. Here are our (somewhat outlandish) predictions for 2011:

Emily Carroll: Jennifer Lopez & HP

Emily Van Winkle: Justin Bieber & Swatch

Christy Belden: Katy Perry & Microsoft

Brittany Burdoine-Lewis: Christina Aguilera & Juicy Couture


[Post Contributed by Emily Carroll]