Feb 07, 2011

The Super Bowl Goes Mobile

by: in Mobile

As millions of viewers sat down at parties, bars, and restaurants to watch Super Bowl XLV, the tech team at Cowboys Stadium and the NFL prepared for the most high-tech Super Bowl ever. From offering free Wi-Fi to all fans, teams, and media personnel, to the development of the official NFL Super Bowl mobile app, digital connectivity reigned supreme.

The app, known as the mobile guide, let fans attending the game use the check-in feature when they arrived, find parking, and easily navigate the stadium to find concessions and restrooms.

I downloaded the app and I can only image in a stadium that seats 100,000 how helpful it was to be able to find the right parking and easily navigate to your seat once inside the stadium. The app allowed users to zoom in and out to reach their seating level and then find food, drinks, fan shops, and restrooms near them. Unexpected that the NFL would create an app for fans? No. But it does present an interesting option for future major sporting events. Imagine if you could have an app just so you are not wandering around aimlessly looking for food or the restroom. This is only the beginning of the expanse of digital technology at venues.

Now I’m just waiting to see who will be next to develop a similar app — NBA, MLB, the World Cup, the Olympics. Who will it be?

[Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis]