Feb 08, 2011

Christy's Top 5 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Welcome to my wrap-up of the 2010 Super Bowl Ads. As a digital marketing agency, our team is constantly on alert for the next great ad. The Super Bowl is one of our favorite times of year because we get to see the culmination of marketing strategies come to life.

Although LEAP didn’t have a pony in the race, we enjoy viewing and judging how fellow Creative professionals execute innovative advertising. 

Without further ado, here are my top 5 picks:

#5 Coca-Cola “Siege”

The ad beat out the Doritos “The Best Part” to take the fifth spot. I liked the story telling of the ad much more than cringe, albeit-funny, feel of the Doritos ad. The Helen of Troy references were great.

#4 Volkswagen “Black Beetle”

I loved the metaphor of the VW Beetle with the insect beetle. The ad had a great, upbeat tone and introduced the new design unique and interesting away. It definitely made me go ‘Aha, of course” at the end of it.

#3 NFL “American Family”The NFL knows and understands its brand (which is why I hope the season continues with a work stoppage next year). The ad definitely connected their brand as iconic as the cast of the TV shows they portrayed as well as put NFL into the fabric of our every day lives. The NFL definitely scored with this ad.

#2 Volkswagen “The Force”

This was a close runner-up. Volkswagen connected with the American way of life and culture in a way that was funny, without being boorish. I think this ad will go down as one of the best-recalled ad of the Super Bowl.

#1 Chrysler “Born of Fire”

Eminem’s second Super Bowl ad, in my book, was a superior ad to all of the others. It had emotions, patriotism and a comeback, personified by both Eminem and Detroit. The ‘America’s Brand’ really stepped up to improve their image and remind a younger generation about their Grandparents car. Will it make me a buy a car? Maybe not (the Chevrolet “Status” commercial was the best at obtaining my sale). But this ad definitely made you stop and watch.

So that's my Top 5 Best Super Bowl ads of 2011. Check back soon to see picks of the Top 5 Worst ads.