Feb 09, 2011

Christy's Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Yesterday we profiled the Top 5 Best Super Bowl commercials of 2011. However, an analysis of the Super Bowl ads would not be complete without the Top 5 Worst Super Bowl commercials of 2011. The list was a lot harder to pick than the "best of" list because I thought there were many mediocre ads this year, unfortunately.

Let's see if you agree...

#5 Mercedes-Benz “Welcome”

I thought this ad was actually pretty well done….until the inclusion of Sean "Puffy" Combs. The new Mercedes looks great but the infusion of a celebrity, just for the sake of having a celebrity, was slightly disjointed.

#4 Sketchers “The Breakup”

I was not as opposed to using Kim Kardashian in this spot as other reviews I have seen. My problem with the spot is the sexual undertones with the trainer. I think I would have appreciated the ad if they talked directly to not getting the benefits from the trainer but instead saw benefits with Sketchers. Instead, the ad came off as objectify0ing Kardashian.

#3 Pepsi Max “Torpedo Cooler”

I thought this ad was way too predictable. Typical jock picking on typical nerd with the typical shot-to-the-groin.  Even the Josh Duhamel and Matthew McConaughey look-alikes couldn’t save the commercial for me.

#2 Budweiser “Wild West”

I saw the behind-the-scenes/making of this ad and I was really hopeful for the execution.  I was severely, disappointed. The Clydesdales are such an iconic part of the Super Bowl ad tradition that to have them as a supporting character was a bad call on the brand strategy. Additionally, I did not understand the Elton John song reference.  Loved how the ad started but hated how it ended.

#1 Groupon

The group of ads by Groupon was the easiest choice to pick for the most hated. I have seen the rebuttal by Groupon and I applaud the rebuttal. However, the ads needed 5-10 more seconds to direct them to the Save the Money website. The clear of CTA left the ads, for me and many others who watched it, tasteless and out of touch.

That concludes my Top 5 Super Bowl Ad series. Let's raise our pens to the best and worst of 2011... here's to many more years of advertising cheers and jeers during Super Bowl madness!