Feb 17, 2011

An Unknown Service: Preserve Your Data with Archiving

by: in LEAP

While maybe not as glamorous as some of the other products and services LEAP offers, our archival services are still an important component of any company’s interactive marketing efforts.

For starters, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of backup of all your data.  This is true not only for the information you are currently utilizing on your site but also for any older data that you might want to access down the road.  For example, if you decide to revert to past data and make it live on your site again or if you just want to review data that is no longer available on your website, having an archive allows you to easily retrieve whatever you need regardless of how old this data might be.

When you preserve your data using LEAP’s archival services, you also enjoy the extra benefit and security of off-site data storage.  If something untoward ever did happen, be it a brief power outage or something truly catastrophic, your data will be safe, sound, and ready for you the next time you need to access it.