Feb 21, 2011

Social Influence & Digital: The New Word-of-Mouth

The oldest form of marketing is word-of-mouth. Having customers spread the word about a product or service is a company’s greatest marketing tool. With advanced mobile technology and instant posting — tweeting and checking-in — the social world has made it easier than ever for businesses to actively engage in word-of-mouth marketing. Not only can a business tweet, post, or otherwise engage about a product, service, promotion, or coupon, but customers are actively and instantaneously endorsing businesses without them doing much of anything.

Just think — if a customer arrives at a business, let’s say Fred’s BBQ, and she checks-in on Foursquare which automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter, she has endorsed Fred’s BBQ three times to hundreds of people with just one click. Instead of having a great meal at Fred’s and then telling her husband about it — who tells his co-workers, who keep telling others, and it reaches 50 people — she exponentially increases her influence.

This new word-of-mouth will continue to evolve as more and more customers start using greater amounts of social media tools, especially as the phenomenon for mobile connectivity grows.

Our advice? Take advantage of it! Encourage and maybe even reward those customers using social media to promote your products and watch as your check-ins, tweets, and mentions increase.




[ Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis]