Feb 25, 2011

Our 100th & 101st Facebook Fans: Social Media Brings Louisville Together

Engagement with our local and global community is one of the most cherished values of social media at LEAP. As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of staying connected with people, sharing thoughts, and engaging in discussions about topics near and dear to us.

Today, LEAP surpassed our 100th Facebook Fan. In the grand scheme of brands like Coca-Cola or Starbucks, 100 Facebook Fans doesn't seem like much but it means a lot to us. We want to celebrate by acknowledging our 100th Facebook Fan. And since the 101st Facebook Fan "liked" us at almost the exact same time, we'll acknowledge him, too: Michael Schnuerle and Lewis Bertolucci.



Michael Schnuerle: A Louisville native, Michael was familiar with our company long ago. Having done some website development work with LEAP, he found us on Twitter and began following. He runs a start-up called Metro Mapper LLC, helping city governments nation-wide get public data online and into easy-to-understand maps, reducing the headaches of public information requests. Want to see what goes on in the wild world of Schnuerle? Follow him on Twitter: @Schnuerle (but don't ask us how to pronounce his last name)!

Lewis Bertolucci: As a Louisville resident, Lewis actively maintains LimeWedge.net, an online lifestyle magazine featuring the latest in technology, fashion, art, design, trends, style, photography, and the like. LEAP has enjoyed many a quip and silly link from Lewis' Twitter account: @Lewis502. He has coined himself an "entrepreneurial social media ninja," and we're here to tell you... he is so right!

Thank you to all of our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and any one who has ever watched our videos, read our blogs, signed up for our e-mails, or checked out our website! We appreciate you all and thank you :)