Mar 02, 2011

Ahhh, Digital Media … How I Welcome You to Take Over My Life

Remember the days of Saturday morning cartoons? One of my favorites was The Jetsons. I remember being four or five years old and watching reruns, completely enthralled by robot maids, flying cars, talking appliances, and people talking via video screens. Could those things really happen? In the 1980s these were things of the future — not even the foreseeable future (or so we thought). And yet, today our digital world has far surpassed many of those dreams from decades ago.

Our digital world makes staying in touch more than a phone call, letter or email of old; it’s about being informed and communicating instantaneously via text messages, video chat and social networks. Today you can video chat with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime from an office videoconference to news interviews to talking to your loved one on the other side of the world — thank you Skype. We are completely immersed in digital technology, from our home to our car to our offices. It’s completely natural for us to be surrounded by technology and have it integrated into all parts of our lives. Gone are the days of playing make believe and Barbie in the living room. In are the days of make believe with a talking Barbie with integrated digital media to “continue her story online.”

What I find really interesting as a marketer is the willingness of society to accept these changes and understand that the technological integration is not going away. It is only increasing. With the advancement of social media and mobile connectivity, marketers have the opportunity to reach consumers in an “on the move” way and need to embrace those opportunities.

Digital media is taking over my life — something I suspect is not abnormal or different than yours. Goodbye unforeseeable future … hello reality! (Well, maybe not the flying cars just yet.)

(Contributed by Brittany Burdoine-Lewis)